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Choosing to relocate at the current time may not be what you have in mind. Yet, your age and health have changed. Along with changes in your lifestyle, the way your home functions for you may also have changed.


Aging in place refers to staying in your current residence, the place you’ve called home for many years. When you are not ready to leave your current home, it may be time to take stock of what you have accumulated through the years and what obstacles impede the safety and comfort of your home.


Design 55 provides a Home Assessment Survey to identify and prioritize areas of concern throughout your home. Aging in place entails decluttering and organizing your existing home to meet your present physical needs.  From arranging your home from two-story living to one story living or coordinating upgrades and improvements to make your home safe and fully accessible, our aging-in-place experts can customize unique solutions to help you age in place. You may be surprised at how simple home modifications can be—from installing lever handles on faucets and doors for easier opening, strategically placing a grab bar in the shower to reduce a fall risk, or adding a shower chair for extra comfort and convenience.


We focus on helping you maintain your independence by making smart, thoughtful adjustments in your home environment to improve the safety and livability of your house.  Our ultimate goal is to make certain that you can feel comfortable and safe in your home.  And it’s completely possible with our resources and expertise.