How We Can Help You


Our seasoned team of Move Managers are compassionate and professional. We pride ourselves on our integrity and our commitment to meet the needs of each client. We are sensitive to your lifestyle, personal history and life experiences.  Our team is united by the passion to do meaningful work that makes a difference in the lives of older adults. Above all, we help you with the physical and emotional demands of moving later in life.


Planning a Downsized Home                

A personal move consultant will meet with you and your family to determine the optimal way to organize and complete your move, coordinating the services that will be needed and the timeframe to complete your major lifestyle move. We know exactly what to do and how to help. Put our experience to work for you.

Our space planning services create a new home for you that incorporates your past, present, and future needs and lifestyle. Our goal is to create an environment that is filled only with items that are functional, meaningful, and beautiful to you.  A personal move manager works with you  to ensure that you surround yourself with things that enhance your lifestyle.


Preparing for a Major Lifestyle Move

After many years in your home, the process of downsizing to a smaller home is overwhelming. Design 55 understands that it’s about so much more than a move. We provide the planning, resources, and hands-on help to complete a move that may have started thousands of miles away. Our team is trained in the art of move management and client satisfaction.

It takes a lot to prepare for a major lifestyle move.  Parting with a lifetime of possessions and memories is not easy.  Making a plan and finding the time to downsize household contents can be overwhelming enough to keep you from beginning the process altogether. Design 55 simplifies the process. We can show you how to turn an overwhelming task into a manageable process with all the care and compassion you and your family deserve.


Our approach to downsizing and purging gets to the heart of what you need and what you don’t need. Your personal Move Manager works with you to ensure that you surround yourself with things that enhance your lifestyle. We provide hands-on help to declutter, organize, and downsize. We will develop a plan with you and provide verified resources to help you properly sell, donate, and dispose of unwanted household contents. We’ll never donate or throw out without your permission.


We’ll arrange trusted movers to transport the possessions that are important to your lifestyle to your new home and make sure the items you no longer need go to the right place, whether that be to family and friends, consignment shops, estate sales or a local charity.


Recreating the Comfort of Home

Design 55 makes your transition simple and worry-free so that you can immediately begin to enjoy your new lifestyle. Our seasoned team will completely unpack, organize and resettle your belongings in your new home. Our organizers love to create a home that is easy to live in and easy to maintain. We carefully manage all details on moving day, ensure the movers place furniture where you have approved and handle any unexpected issues that may arise. 


Our ultimate goal is to recreate the home you left behind, but on a smaller scale, right down to hanging art, deciding where the movers place funiture, organizing closets, and making certain that your television and computer are ready for you.  When you open the door to your new home the Design 55 team will make certain that your new home feels comfortable, and like you have lived there all along.

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