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How can Design 55 help?

"I had the opportunity to utilize Design 55 services in my recent move from a 2400 SF home to a 1300 SF apartment in a retirement community. I used all of their services in what turned out to be a relatively effortless relocation/downsizing in a very compressed (8 weeks from apartment availability to move-in) timeframe. These services utilizing their own personnel and outside people included counsel in choosing what to keep, layout of furniture, art work, etc. at the new location, packing, move out/in, estate sale, removal and set up of electronics (cable TV, phone, WiFi, computer etc.)

There was not a single aspect of my move that these people did not have under control. They accomplished their tasks with caring counsel, consummate professionalism and hard work. While they advertised their services as "complete" I was not prepared to walk into my apartment with all furniture in place, art work hung, electronics up and operating, clothes put away, kitchen appliances, silverware, dishes, pots and pans all in their places. There was literally nothing I had to do but to unpack my overnight bag, turn on the TV and have a glass of wine (which they already had chilling in the refrigerator).

I have literally no visualization capability or any decorating sense. I was widowed a while back and so, other than a very capable daughter-in-law who was able to visit from Atlanta on occasion, I had no idea how to even begin the tasks that lay ahead of me. I had to completely rely on the Design 55 people - and they came through with flying colors. At no time did I feel out of touch with the process and was comfortable throughout that I was in good hands. Their performance more than exceeded my fairly high expectations."