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At Design 55 we have a passion for what we do!

That is why it is so gratifying to know that we have made a difference at a highly stressful time in an older adult's life.

"During this past fall, I was in the process of selecting a new independent living retirement community and preparing to sell my long-time home. As you can imagine, this was an extremely emotional and stressful time for me. While the process was never easy, it was made bearable in

part to the wonderful women of Design 55 who assisted me before, during, and after my move.

Mimi, Lila, Kate, and Kim ---these women were tremendous from planning my move to packing and unpacking my belongings, and getting all of my electrical things working. These women lifted my spirit, gave me their humor, and made me feel as if I was important to me.

I know there were many others that I never met or saw who worked behind the scenes as well.

I wish I could name them so they would know how much I appreciate all they did to make me settled in my new place."

L. Kornegay