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Why Our Clients Choose Us - We Are Definitely Feeling the Love!

Please pass along to the Design 55 team how grateful we are for your services! Because of my parents' attachment to their many books and other belongings, my wife and I frankly did not know how to begin to tackle the seemingly insurmountable task of packing them up for the move to assisted living.

The Design 55 team was understanding, considerate, encouraging, and just plain super nice.

They knew how to get the ball rolling and how to keep it rolling. Before we knew what hit us, the house was filled with packed boxes for the new apartment, for storage, and for donations. Especially fragile and sentimental items were set aside so we could personally drive them over to the new apartment. Talk about Tender Loving Care!

Instead of move in day being a nightmare, it was actually a memorable day for our family. When my mother entered their assisted living apartment for the first time, she was overcome with emotion. You know how the story goes, because that is what you guys do---no disarray, no clutter or packing boxes, but instead a warm and welcoming new home with all the furniture and things that my parents are used to seeing.

Thanks to your team, the transition to assisted living was seamless. My Dad, who had not been overly enthusiastic about the move, never uttered a negative word after seeing their new place. My mother, who thrives on socializing with friends, is over-the-top happy. Again, Design 55 thank you for all you do!