It is so rewarding to have shared such deeply personal moments with our clients as they move through life. We value their friendship and their comments. Here are some things people have said about their Design 55 experience. 

“All of the staff members were extremely efficient. Everything worked out exactly as I was told it would. At the end of moving day there was not one unpacked carton at my new address. Neighbors were astounded! Several of my neighbors expressed a wish that they had known such a service existed. It would have taken pressure off family members who were called to service.”
M. Stenner
“Your staff elevates customer service to a new level of excellence! Truly wonderful people who were well-versed in their jobs and helpful in suggestions. Design 55 turned a traumatic experience into something that was well orchestrated and efficient. It’s actually hard to imagine a service like Design 55. I have never experienced the efficiency, energy, thoroughness, helpfulness, and cheerful assistance in any endeavor. Thank you!”
P. Postel

 “When the move was finished, we felt like we were saying goodbye to close friends. We actually hugged! The whole experience was outstanding. Some of the arranging was not in my realm of thinking, but I love it and have kept the furniture where it was placed. Great ideas! Thanks for everything. We love our new home!”  

S. Dingfield
“We tried to plan ahead as best we could, but Design 55 handled many of the details of moving for us. In addition, they knew who to contact for any issues we had in relocation. We were so pleased and grateful for all the kind services offered by Design 55. I can’t imagine making a move without all their help!”

C. Lewis

“Everyone at Design 55 was a pleasure to work with!  A wonderful service for older people who are already under stress leaving a much loved home. The move was much less stressful because of you!”
F. Meza
“I was thrilled to walk into my home and see my apartment looking marvelous! You arranged my furniture and items so meaningful to me so beautifully. I was stunned and overjoyed. To have my clothes in my closet and my bed made was so comforting. You have a marvelous service.” 
M. Butler
“I was surprised with all you could do. It was a wonderful feeling when I opened the apartment door and saw the work finished! Tears came to my eyes as I looked at the great result with no help from me or my family. It was great!”
M. LaGoy 
“Your services were beyond compare! I can’t say enough about Leslie. Leslie is the most organized person I know. When my stress showed, Leslie took over and helped me to make meaningful, important decisions. I treasure her friendship.”
J. Gordon
 “We could not have done it without you. We’ll sing your praises! We cannot overstate our complete satisfaction with the services of Design 55. They are miracle workers!”
Mr. & Mrs. Shea
“We would not have made this move without the offer of your services. The last time we moved was seven years ago. We did it ourselves and we almost killed ourselves.”
D. Williams
“What a marvelous service you provided for us. We were blown away when we stepped into our new home! Your calming spirit and realization of important items that could be incorporated into space---Wow! Design 55 services were absolutely superb---kind, reassuring, so so helpful!”
S. Bayley
 “I can’ tell you how much we appreciate all that you are doing. It has been a real stressful time. You and your team are wonderful! We never could have done it without you. You don’t know how much we all appreciate you.”
C.  Bajalia
“Your services were one of the reasons we selected the retirement community that we did. We could not have imagined doing all this on our own.”
L. Dickinson 
“Design 55 is a superb company in what they do. From the time Leslie visits, to showing us our new home, there is such organization from everyone. What a great crew! What a great company! This service was invaluable to us.”
S. Putnam 
 “Debbie provided cool, calm leadership. The other girls were excellent and provided a calming effect. We couldn’t have asked for a better team. You provide an outstanding, indispensable service.”
R. Donnelly
“Your services were very comprehensive, I don’t know if I could have managed this move, which required significant downsizing and major decisions, without your services and support.”
J. Ludlow
J. Ludlow“I would gladly recommend your company to anyone faced with a move. No amount of physical exertion could replace the efficiency of your services. Kim was friendly, unbelievably efficient, and thorough. Everything seemed to be covered. All we did was worry that it wouldn't be! The drawing showing the new floor plan and placement of our items was a stroke of genius.”
M. Brinkman
“Your staff were efficient, patient, and extremely helpful---especially Debbie. I truly do not know how I could have done it without you and not lost my sanity. You were all so helpful and understanding of the difficulties of this move. I thank you from the bottom of my heart.”
L. Wilkinson
 “Design 55 staff were prompt, hard-working, efficient, and cheerful. They were very respectful while asking questions and seeking our opinions. I was also impressed that your staff arranged my china cabinet based on a photo I had taken of it! That in itself saved me hours of work unpacking and arranging crystal. Your services are very comprehensive. I can’t think of anything you had not thought of first.”           
S. King
“Each staff member was both courteous and worked energetically. All services were provided in an excellent manner. The TV hook-ups and the computer hook-up were excellent. We could not have made this move without your services!”    
R. Huhta
 “Your people and services made this move much more manageable for us. We immediately got rid of the large furniture that wouldn’t fit in our new home and that helped emotionally. Your recommendations were excellent. We also appreciated your unpacking and setting everything up so that we could move in and start our new life so quickly. Kim was especially helpful and did a lot of creative problem solving related to Comcast issues. Chuck did an excellent job hanging all my paintings. Thanks to all of you!”
M. Stack
 “I cannot say enough what an impressive team you have! They were just fabulous and made the transition for Joan (and all of us) incredibly smooth. Shannon was terrific—so very patient and thorough, she went above and beyond especially trying to get the Comcast services up and running. All of the girls are so friendly and sweet, which made the stress of moving more bearable. You should be so proud of the terrific team you have put together.  We so appreciate your help!” 
R. McCann
“Thank you so much for your kindness and counseling in what I felt was going to be a daunting task. Your kind, patient manner made my experience pleasant, rather than an overwhelming one. Your time and expertise was a gift for which I am very grateful. Your team worked tirelessly and expertly to get me moved, unpacked, decorated, and settled in. Unbelievably, I was able to sleep in my cozy bedroom and wake up to a very beautiful home with everything in place the very next day. Words cannot express my gratitude to you and your very professional staff.”   
J. Wadley
“I was extremely stressed and hysterical regarding the build-up to this move with having to face our age and health levels! I could not have done this myself after all the preparation to move and to sell our home. Design 55 was all efficient, helpful and professional.”  
A. Dye
“Words cannot express how much John and I appreciate the service you provided in getting us moved to our apartment. We are right at two weeks since our move and are settled in and enjoying our surroundings. With kindness, calmness, carefulness, and attention to detail describe how you accomplished your tasks as a team. Thank you, thank you for a move without as much anxiety as would have been the case without the Design 55 services.”
G. Harris
“Patient and helpful beyond belief! We both thank you again. It has been fun to find things each day in places we already looked four times. So thoughtful in dealing with the aged and confused!  Thank you.” 
M. Campbell